Beating the Winter Blues

We all know the feeling… The short-days, cold weather, grey skies looming over-head has a tendency to make us feel down, unmotivated, and down-right blue. Especially now more than ever during these unprecedented times. Here are a few tips to help you beat the winter blues and feel good all season long. No more drops in mood, only drops in the temperature outside!

Brighten Up Your Space:

When your body is craving sunlight and more light throughout your day, take a few extra steps to brighten your space. Open curtains and blinds to let light in, arrange your furniture more towards a window, purchase twinkle lights to add more ambiance to your space. You’ll be amazed at the difference it will make!

Set a Morning Routine:

When the only thing pulling you out of your bed is a hot pot of coffee, you know you need to make an adjustment to your morning routine. Set a consistent alarm making sure you have enough sleep (try not to press snooze), give yourself extra time to get ready, make an exciting breakfast, and set aside a moment for yourself. Whether it’s a breathing exercise, meditation, a few stretches, or reading a book, take the time to give back to yourself.

Sweat It Out:

Exercise is truly a cure for all, even just 30-minutes of light to moderate physical activity has been proven to enhance mental health, social functioning, increase vitality and combat chronic disease. A great way to move is through our MoveWell online exercise subscription. Enjoy unlimited access to live fitness classes throughout the week, pre-recorded classes and content, and online wellness workshops. We offer pilates, stretch and strength, Zumba, barre, yoga, spin, and many more classes all varying from 20-minutes to an hour in length. There is truly something for everyone!

Get Outdoors:

The saying is true: fresh air will always do you good (even with it being a little chillier outside). Bundle up and head out for a brisk walk, run, or hike in your neighbourhood or hit the slopes at your local ski hill. Spending time outdoors can help to improve focus, reduce stress levels, and overall boost your happiness.

Call a Friend:

During these times, we need our support systems now more than ever. Despite not being able to see each other our friends, family, and loved ones are only a phone call, FaceTime or Zoom call away. Set aside the time, schedule a call, and catch up with those in your life.

Lend a Helping Hand:

Volunteering and offering assistance to those in need can all help to mental health and overall life satisfaction. During these times, many organizations still need help whether it is volunteer based, donation, or simply doing a small favour we can all play a small part to make a difference.

The winter blues can take its toll, however, although we can’t control the weather we can control how the choices we make in order to minimize its effects. Remember that spring is just around the corner and we’re always here to help you Move Well, Be Well!


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