Occupational Therapy

Simply put, Occupational Therapists assist people in resuming the activities they need to do and want to do after an injury or illness.

Our rehabilitation team is here to help you Move Well, Be Well.

Framework Health is built on the foundation that health is much more than just the absence of injury or illness. Meaningful and lasting recovery requires a comprehensive approach; one that considers the physical, cognitive, emotional, and environmental factors at play. Ongoing wellness throughout life necessitates insightful and proactive planning. They offer in clinic appointments at Orthoquest.

Services Framework Health offers:

  • Expert functional capacity evaluations
  • Cost of future care assessments
  • Cognitive functional capacity evaluations
  • Critiques/responsive opinions
  • Physical and mental health treatment
  • Chronic pain and complex disability management
  • Cognitive rehabilitation 
  • Acquired brain injury and concussion recovery
  • Job site analysis 
  • Ergonomic evaluations
  • Return to work planning
  • Risk analysis and recommendations
  • Home Accessibility and modifications
  • Personal care assessment
  • Aging in place/independent living 
  • Life care contingency planning

250-801-7992 or [email protected]