Better Shoes, Better Life: Portofino

Portofino officially became a shoe company in 1959, but you may be surprised to know the actual owner’s grandparents were already in the shoe business well before that. The company first built a solid reputation in children’s shoes imported from Italy and already respecting many orthopaedic criteria.

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In the following years, many adult products were added to their line up (and soon children’s shoes disappeared all together). At the start of the new millennium, in the year 2000, it became quite obvious that not only the population was aging but they were also refusing to grow old and people were staying more active by all means necessary. Women, in particular, were looking for supportive shoes that would be more aesthetically pleasing, more attractive and more feminine on foot. Thus Portofino decided to focus their attention into creating supportive yet cute footwear for women. The Portofino brand is now known for its quality and originality, great choice of colours, that are comfortable to wear, with or without orthotics.

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Portofino philosophy : Better shoes, better life.

Still handmade in Portugal, Spain and Italy, Portofino shoes have become a staple in many closets. Their buttery soft leathers, attention to detail, luxurious comfort, and not to mention fun colour patterns have set them apart from other companies and put them into a league of their own.

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Our favourite part about Portofino? They have quickly become one of our favourite shoes for women who have Bunions! Why? A lot of their shoes feature a soft, stretch leather upper that can nicely accommodate an uncomfortable bunion. Not only will you look great wearing Portofino shoes but your feet will feel great too. Click here to shop our wide selection of Portofino shoes and you’ll quickly see why we have come to love this brand.


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