How to Set Up A Positive Work-Space

This time of year can bring information overload, daily stresses, and rigorous deadlines and this can put strain on us and result in diminished productivity. Fortunately, improving our working environment doesn’t have to be as expensive, difficult, or time-consuming as many of us think. Whether you’re working from home or in the office, a positive work environment and space can make the world of a difference.

Keep A Tidy Space:

First things first, if you’re sitting in a messy area, you’re probably going to be thinking about how you should clean it and you’re not going to be very productive. Take the time at the beginning of each work day to tidy and organize your workspace. Eliminate clutter, dirty dishes, old materials, and any other distractions. Additionally, try creating your to-do list at the end of each work day to help reflect on your day and to help increase your productivity for the following day.

Create Opportunities for Movement:

The best way that I stay focused during a long day of work is to acknowledge when you’ve hit a productivity wall and to take lots of short, quick breaks to gain a new perspective. Try a sit-to-stand desk to change positions and move throughout the day, take a walk around the block or building, make an effort to check-in on your colleagues that work a short distance away from you. Another great way to move is with MoveWell Moment office stretches that can be found on Kelowna Kinesiology’s YouTube and in the content library as a part of our MoveWell subscriptions. A great way to get a stretch or quick strength training session on a busy day.

Brighten It Up:

An abundance of natural lighting in your workspace is ideal because it can boost your sense of well-being and energy while reducing eye strain. Daylight and access to outdoor views give your eyes opportunities to relax and recover after starting at a computer screen all day.

Get Personal:

Add your own flare and zest to your space, to create an emotional connection. Try a photo of your favourite place or a loved one, adding a plant, an essential oil diffuser, or a personal desktop calendar. Be creative, and express yourself and in turn it will help you be more productive and more successful in your goals.

With these you’ll be able to create a workspace that promotes positivity and productivity, which will help you create a can-do mindset and ensure you do your best work. We’re here to help with all wellness and movement needs.


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