How to Stay Active Through the Summer Months

Summer is here! The weather is getting warmer, the days are getting longer and the school year is quickly coming to an end. Long gone are the days of snow and cold temperatures, it’s time to lace up those runners and dig out the sandals, time to swap Netflix marathons for some fun Okanagan activities! Whether you have managed to stay active throughout the winter or if you are looking to increase your physical activity levels, summer is the perfect opportunity to maintain or increase your fitness level.

Not sure where to start or what to do? Start simple. Set some goals or make lists of things you would like to accomplish and activities that are interesting to you. Then, tie up your shoes and start crossing things off. Now, if only it was that easy – that simple yes, but not necessarily that easy. Depending on your occupation and/or family you may find summer to be a very busy time, filled with BBQ’s, work parties, and/or vacation time thus not leaving much time to be physically active. Or perhaps you have had an incredibly busy winter and summer is your time to relax. But see this is the great thing about being active, it looks different for different people – some people like running, while others prefer Olympic weight lifting. Some people train to perform while others pride themselves in maintaining an overall active lifestyle. Therefore, it is important to find activities that you not only enjoy but also things that fit into your unique lifestyle.

When you are looking for activities to do perhaps you have a hard time getting creative or feel overwhelmed with the endless amount of possibilities. Here are some ideas we have put together of ways you can get outside and be physically active this summer – great for any fitness level:

Biking. Whether you own a bike or thinking about getting one, there are many trails in the area that will have you wanting to be out riding every weekend. Myra Canyon Trestles is by far one of my favorite scenic trails. Not only does it provide breathtaking views of the valley but it is also perfect for any level of rider. The flat terrain is ideal for riders who are looking for a casual Sunday stroll, or would prefer to walk, while the option to ride farther than the 12km of trestles is a good option for more advanced riders or those looking for a longer ride.

Hiking. Have you seen the many waterfalls hidden along Mill Creek? Or enjoyed the view overlooking Rose Valley Reservoir and Okanagan Lake from Rose Valley Regional Park? What about getting your picture taken with the Canada Flag atop Pincushion mountain in Peachland? We are surrounded by outstanding parks and hiking trails now is the perfect time to start crossing some off your bucket list.

Outdoor Fitness Classes. Want to stay active during the week – but don’t want to spend the evening in a stuffy gym? There are many outdoor based fitness groups in Kelowna that are ideal for those who like the routine a gym membership offers without being stuck indoors. The November project, Kelowna Running Club, and Orthoquest’s lunch hour walking group are a few that come to mind!

Water Sports. With a lake the size of an Ocean right at your doorstep, why not try some water based activities that are fun for people of ages. Kayaking, canoeing, paddle boarding (SUP), kite surfing are just some of the fantastic ways to explore the wonders of Okanagan lake. If you don’t own any of these ‘toys’ there are an abundance of rental companies set up along the shores for your convenience.

By no means does this list of ways to stay active in the summer capture the endless amount of activities in the Okanagan but hopefully it will provide you with a start so you can move from planning to participating!

By Shayla McLean


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