Move Well Spotlight: Annette Jones

RunQuest was started as a way to bring our community together, provide people with a well educated training plan and create a space to meet like-minded people. Since its start, we have been fortunate to have had the most amazing group of runners join our community! Many of our members have been consistent in training with us for years and we are proud to see the progress they have made with their running/fitness journeys. To gain perspective from one of our frequent runners we interviewed one of our long term members to get her take on her RunQuest experience. 


Annette has been a RunQuest member for almost a year and a half. In 2003 she quit smoking and in 2005 started running. After that she started running in all sorts of races across Canada. 

“My very first half marathon was the true Hypothermic Half in Edmonton Alberta very cold but the bluest sky. Since then I have been coast to coast in Canada and a few places in the USA completing upwards of 30+ half marathons and seven full marathons. I’d have to say my favorites are Disney World and Disney Land followed very close by Seattle.”

She has shown immense dedication to her run journey, and has taken advantage of many of the benefits that we offer our members. These benefits include: participating in a functional movement screen, attending a few of our online classes and using her member discount to purchase quality footwear, socks and exercise equipment to support her progression. 


When asked to describe why she joined our community, her response was:

“I joined the MoveWell/RunQuest community on a “bring a friend night”. I was also in need of orthotics to help with an issue I was having with my foot. Finding out that the orthotics could be made in house and could be ready in a few days was an absolute bonus. As I am already a runner I felt it was a good community to join because of the science based approach to training that actually made sense”


On top of her biweekly runs with us and her individual runs, Annette also participates in some of our online classes to improve her strength and mobility. Apart from RunQuest, Annette’s favorite class is pilates:

“I had never done Pilates before and whether it is on the mat, using bands, or using the reformer, I truly enjoy it. Stronger everyday is my second favorite move well class!”

Annette believes that overall, RunQuest has helped to build her running confidence and most of all, appreciates the people she’s met along the way. Currently, Annette is working towards finishing the Vancouver half marathon on May 7th with some of our other RunQuest members. We can’t wait to cheer her on and see her crush her goals!


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