Quest for Kindness

At Orthoquest, our mission is to provide high quality products and services in a friendly and fun environment to help you Move Well, Be Well. But our philosophy extends far beyond the four walls of our store front, it is a way of life we live and breath every day, and it is a message we promote throughout our community.

To us, movement is key. To move, means to change position, or to make progress. We believe in helping not only people Move Well but we also see the benefits of helping move our community to think better, to be better, and to do better. We believe that change starts within, beginning with us, with our employees, through our customers, and in the community at large – that is where “Quest for Kindness” was created.

Empowering People with Footwear

We understand the importance of footwear and the feelings of happiness that come with finding a new pair of shoes that fit just right. Extend that feeling of joy to someone else when you shop with us.

When people ask us, what makes us unique from other shoe stores, we say, the brands we carry. When buying, we look for brands who’s philosophy’s and values align with ours. We work hard to choose brands that spread as much kindness as we do and are looking to better the world one pair of shoes at a time. Click the links to learn more about how some of our favourite brands are spreading kindness, brands like Brooks, New Balance, Oboz, Merrell and Dansko, just to highlight a couple!

Did you know, from now until December 31, 2021, 10% of all Dansko and Haflinger sales will go to the BCSPCA. Learn more about our Clogs For The Dogs campaign.

Caring for the Environment

One of our core company values is to honour our planet. We strive to do this every day beginning with simple things like having a large company recycling system, trying to avoid using paper as much as possible (like a waste free intake forms), using hand towels instead of disposable paper towels, opting for active methods of transportation along with many more!

We also go out of our way to find companies whose values are also centre around sustainability and being environmentally conscious.

Current Environmental initiatives we are excited to be a part of:

ReCork : We are a drop-off location to help support ReCork. This program recycles and re-purposes cork with a large network of recycling partners like the SOLE products we carry in-store. This program helps support the use of cork instead of environmentally harmful, petroleum-based materials in consumer products.

Got wine corks? Bring them to use and we will gladly recycle them!

Go By Bike Week: We believe in the importance of active transportation not only from the perspective of helping decrease our carbon footprint but also as a way to help maintain a healthy lifestyle. We are always excited when the spring rolls around to be a top tier sponsor and one of the celebration stations for riders to stop by!

One More Tree: Oboz Footwear started in 2007, and since their beginning have planted a tree for every pair of boots and shoes sold! While they often head out to their own backyard in Bozeman, Montana to get their hands dirty most of their efforts are focused on their partnering with Trees for The Future, a non-profit that helps individuals and communities in Sub Saharan Africa plant trees and help local farmers. As of spring 2020, Oboz has planted over 3.2 million trees.

Demonstrating What it Means to Give

As a small business, we see the value and importance of supporting other local entrepreneurs and non-profit organisations. While we actively support other small shops by choosing to shop local, we also make it a priority to find creative ways to collaborate with other businesses in Kelowna. Outside of regular business hours you can find our team members volunteering with various non-profit organizations such as the BCSPCA, Kelowna Run Club, X-Elle Women’s Cycling group, Special Olympics and many more.

The importance of sharing our knowledge by helping to teach and share information with our community is not lost on us either, we host several community events throughout the year all aimed to help people Move Well, Be Well.

Quest For Kindness combines our joy for giving, dedication to growth, and passion for our community under one initiative to help those around us, Move Well, Be Well. How will you help us spread kindness?


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