Shoes That Paint a Picture: ART

The ART Company was born in 1995, but their experience in the world of quality footwear manufacturing spans over 30 years. Both The ART Company and the ART footwear brand were created in 1995, with an ethos that was deliberately young, happy and carefree.

Fun Fact: ART began as a company who made outsoles of shoes for other companies, which is why they have such fun and bold colours/styles that match outsole and upper materials!

Since the very beginning, the Art boots were a phenomenal success with young and non-conformist people of the markets that we entered. This was especially relevant in France, Germany, Holland, England, Italy and Spain.

Their export mission has taught the importance of the fundamental aspects of our industry: comfort, design, and innovation. They also pride themselves in listening to different European customers, to observe them and try to offer them products according to their likes and preferences. Innovation is the foundation stone of their development.

The ART Company values are: strength, quality, innovation and humour. ART prides themselves in demonstrating their company values each and every day through out their business, as a company they interpret strength in terms of the company being the hub of all human activity, and that quality has to be omnipresent. They are continuously innovation and believe humour can open doors, diffuse situations and relax tense atmospheres. This good for the general mental health and it makes life easier to not take things too seriously.


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