The Best Summer Sandals for Your Feet

Living in the Okanagan we are surrounded by beautiful lakes, sunshine and experience summer weather for at least 6 months of the year. Between beach days, hiking adventures, touring winery’s, to cycling throughout the Valley, there are a number of incredible ways to move during the summer. But crossing off all the summer experiences on your ‘bucket list’ won’t happen if you have sore feet or are experiencing any pain. Movement without pain is key. Movement with comfort and ease allows those experiences to become that much richer.

Here are our top 3 tips for finding the best summer sandal for your feet this summer:


  1. Find a sandal that matches the shape of your foot: we often get asked what the best sandals are for summer, it’s a simple answer, and arguably the only tip you need, the best sandals are ones that fit the shape of your foot and feel as comfortable as your favourite pair of sneakers. A great shoe starts with a properly measured foot. Using a ‘brannock’ device (the ‘old school’ metal tool we use to measure feet), we not only can get a better idea of what size to start with but we can also check the width and see general foot shape. From these measurements and basic observations, an experienced shoe fitter can then pick sandals that will match the shape and size of your feet.
  2. Look beyond the aesthetics of the sandal straps: You might find yourself gravitated to certain sandals based on the ‘look’ of a shoe but the straps on a sandal do more than just complement the overall aesthetic. When it comes to the functionality of the sandal straps we want to first think about the purpose of the shoes – will you be walking for miles in the sandals? Will you be wearing them on a road trip where you may need to drive for extended periods of time? Do you have troubles with your toes wanting to ‘grip’ your shoes? If you answered yes to any of those questions, finding a sandal with a back strap to hep secure to foot will be important. Second, we want to consider any spots we might have pain or discomfort like bunions, hammer toes, or high arches, these things are important to look at when it comes to placement of the straps on a sandal – does the strap cover the bunion or does it cut in to it? If you have hammer toes, does the front strap sit behind the toe to give it a better sense of security and avoid any possible blistering? You might not think about these on initial look of a shoe but it is good to think about when you first try on a sandal.
  3. Think about the arch support: While some sandals may offer good arch support as they are, you might find your foot needs a little extra support. Trying different brands can be a good way to find the one that will match the shape of your arch best. Some sandals also have removable liners that you can swap out for a pair of custom foot orthotics, a simple way to ‘customize’ a sandal to offer your feet a bit more support.

Whether you’re looking for a walking sandal, a dress sandal, a sandal for the beach, or a basic slip on sandal, finding the perfect fit is key to having comfortable feet all summer long.

Written by Shayla McLean B.H.K – Footwear & Retail Manager


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