Top 3 Knee Braces for Skiing

What better way to spend a day in the winter than riding down the white slopes and enjoying the champagne powder the Okanagan has to offer. Winter only comes once a year, in an effort to get the most out of each precious snow fall ski lovers spend every waking moment at the ski hill (or at least as many as they possibly can).

When it comes to skiing, one of the most important body parts (or at least the part that takes the most impact) are your knees, making them also one of the most susceptible to injury.

Whether you are looking to improve your skiing or wanting to have a stellar season on the hill we recommend starting with some basic pre-season strength training program or seeing a health professional for an individualized rehabilitation program to prepare and strengthen the muscles around the knee joint.

When does a knee brace come into play? Despite our best efforts, injuries can happen. If you have suffered from a minor or major knee injury or perhaps are living with chronic instability, having a consultation for a knee brace is a great starting point. During the consultation our team members will select braces that match your injury, leg shape, and most importantly that will fit under your ski pants. Contact us to book a complimentary bracing consultation.

How can a knee brace help for skiing? While each brace varies slightly in design/purpose, they all help to give feedback back to the brain and also provide mechanical advantages to help prevent the knee from moving in ways that are causing pain.

Here are 3 of our top knee braces for skiing:

  1. For the skier who has moderate knee pain, all you need is a little extra support as your make your way through the blues and down the moguls – the Bauerfeind Genutrain (or Bauerfeind Genutrain S) is a sleek, streamline brace that offers a fair amount of structure and support to help with moderate knee pain and general discomfort.
  2. For the skier who has arthritic knees, help offload the knee joint with the Osskin custom knee brace. Light as a feather, this custom knee brace is small enough to fit under your ski pants and comfortable enough to keep you skiing all day long.
  3. For the skier who has torn their ACL, and perhaps the same skier who is always looking for the added thrill and not afraid to throw in a few tricks of their own, the DonJoy A88 is perfect! It is indestructible, extremely supportive, yet will also allow for enough movement for a fluid run down the ski hill.

Whether you have an old or new injury, let us help you find the perfect brace this winter so you can spend more time on the ski hill and less time cozied up in the cabin! Contact us to book a complimentary bracing consultation, and Move Well, Be Well all ski season long!

Written by Shayla McLean B.H.K – Footwear & Retail Manager

Helping people Move Well, Be Well and full time footwear enthusiast



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