Top 3 Tips for Wearing Compression Socks in the Summer

The days are getting longer, the temperature is getting warmer and the sun seems to be shinning brighter and brighter each day – summer is almost here. With summer comes spending more time in the water, laying at the beach and playing in the backyard. Winter boots and long pants are swapped for shorts and flip flops while socks are left to hibernate in the drawer. Summer can be a wonderful time of year but it can also be difficult for those of us who struggle with poor circulation.

Compression therapy involves applying a type of elastic device (often in the form of socks) to exert a controlled amount of pressure on the limbs. By applying pressure to the limbs (or other body regions) the compression gently squeezes the vein walls thus helping improve circulation and supporting blood flow back to the heart. Medical compression therapy has been proven to significantly relieve leg aching (and/or pain), the feeling of swelling and heaviness and other venous/lymphatic symptoms. The key with compression therapy is it only works when it is applied.

It can be tempting to not wear compression socks over the summer but as the temperature rise your veins are at a greater risk for further deterioration than during colder months. Therefore taking a break from compression socks for a few months may not be the best idea and can in-fact potentially worsen any on going vein or lymphatic issues.

In an effort to keep you and your legs healthy this summer, here are our top 3 tips for wearing compression socks in the summer:

1. Find a material that will let your feet breath: opting for natural fibers that are thermoregulating like Merino Wool (meaning they keep you warm in the cold and cold in the warm) or lightweight and breathable fabrics like Cotton can be a great place to start when picking a sock that will keep you comfortable during the summer heat. Microfiber is another great material option that is comfortable, soft, breathable, and has advanced moisture management to keep your legs cool and dry during the summertime.

Compression Socks

2. Pick an option that matches your style: these days compression socks come in a plethora of colours, materials and styles to match your lifestyle, picking an option that matches your style is key. If the sock won’t go with your summer outfits or allow you to wear your favourite pair of sandals than you probably won’t wear them. Fortunately when it comes to the style of compression socks there are plenty to choose from, options like open toed socks make a great summer pick since it allows your toes to wiggle freely and make it easy to slip into any sandal!

3. Make sure the fit is right: Another tricky part about choosing the right compression sock is finding the right fit – working with a certified compression sock fitter is the perfect place to start. Not only will they help you in choosing the right material and style to match what you’re looking for but their expertise and knowledge will also ensure they take accurate measurements and get the fit right the first time. Having a compression sock that doesn’t fit properly can lead to markings and irritations, making your legs feels even worse. If a compression sock fits properly you should barely notice you’re wearing anything at all.

Keep your legs (and feet) healthy all summer long with our top 3 tips for wearing compression socks in the summer: find the right material, pick the right style, and have a certified compression sock fitter make sure the fit is right!

Written by Shayla McLean B.H.K – Footwear & Retail Manager



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