When is it Time to Say ‘Goodbye’ to My Shoes?

That sunshine might have you throwing on your sneakers and running out the door to enjoy every moment of it! But if you’re anything like us and spending more days at the mountain skiing in the winter than you did in town, you may not have remembered what state your runners (or walking shoes) are in.

Here are 3 quick ways to tell if your shoes are in need of replacing, so you can get outside and enjoy that sunshine – without your feet hurting:

  1. When was the last time you replaced your footwear? If you can’t remember…it’s probably time. We recommend new runners or walking shoes every 6-12months or somewhere between 500 and 750kms.Did you know that with some activity tracking apps you can input your equipment (like runners) and it will notify you when it’s time for a new pair?
  2. Have you noticed any new aches or pains? A good sign of needing new shoes is tired, achey feet or even new discomforts in the shins, knees, hips. Wearing worn out shoes for too long can lead to a number of acute (and possibly chronic) injuries – that is why it is important to replace your footwear before it gets too bad.
  3. Do your shoes have any visible signs of wear and tear? Take a moment to look at your shoes (top and bottom) if they look like they are leaning to one side, have worn out materials or the tread on the bottom is barely there – it is probably time to find a new pair.

If your shoes are well loved and you are looking to find a new pair, let one of our knowledgeable team members help find the perfect fit for you to Move Well, Be Well – all summer long!

Written by Shayla McLean B.H.K – Footwear & Retail Manager



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