5 Reasons to Wear Compression Socks for Winter Sports

Often thought of as a sock your grandparents would wear, compression socks get a bad rep for being something for ‘old’ people but did you know they have great benefits for your favourite winter sport too? Before you head up to the mountain this year you may want to grab a pair of compression socks.

Compression Socks for Skiing

Here are our top 5 reasons to wear compression socks for Winter sports:

  1. Reduce muscle fatigue and soreness. The graduated compression found in compression socks helps to stabilize muscles and supplies more oxygen for a faster and better recovery after a long day in the mountains.
  2. Minimize swelling. Compression socks help increase blood flow, making it more difficult for blood to pool in the foot. Less pooling = less swelling. Less swelling means your feet will spend less time resting in the chalet with hot chocolate and more time doing what you love.
  3. Support and Energize. It is important when you plan to spend a day at the local ski hill that you feel confident and supportive in your gear! Compression socks are made with arch, heel and achilles support so you can perform at your best without worrying about the comfort of your feet.
    Compression Ski Socks
  4. Thermoregulating. Picking a compression sock with merino wool can be helpful in regulating your body temperature – for those with cold feet they will keep them toasty but for those with notoriously hot feet they will keep them cool, pretty neat we think!
  5. Overall comfort. With a little extra padding in the shin, heel and toes, compression socks can help to keep your feet comfortable in your boots all day long. Not to mention, merino wool will help to limit blisters and keep away any stinky feet smells.

Find your perfect pair of compression socks for your winter sports by browsing online. Make this winter the best yet with a pair of compression socks!

Written by Shayla McLean B.H.K – Footwear & Retail Manager

Helping people Move Well, Be Well and full time footwear enthusiast



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