How to Spring Clean your Fitness Routine

Spring is on the horizon and it’s time to welcome longer and brighter days, and bid farewell to cabin fever. It’s also the perfect time to rejuvenate a tired routine and integrate new activities into your workout. How do you know it’s time to change your routine, you ask? Develop a sense of awareness before, during and, after your workout to determine whether it is suitable for you. If not, it’s time to revise and refresh and we’ll give you some tips on how to do it.

Get Outdoors: Sometimes a change in venue is all you need to shake the winter blues. Lace up your sneakers and get outdoors for a scenic walk, a jog or run down your street, or shake it up with your own backyard yoga or strength workout. Orthoquest offers a group run clinic to learn new run skills and build endurance, sign up and learn more about RunQuest on our website.

Wake-Up Early: With the day’s becoming longer, set your alarm a little earlier for a morning workout. Try a neighborhood walk to your favorite coffee shop, sign-up for an early morning fitness class (pssst MoveWell Membership offers 6:30am class every weekday morning), or try a morning stretch or yoga class. Take advantage of those lighter days with a good morning sweat.

Try Something New: Now is the perfect time to expand your fitness regime – Try going for a bike ride, signing up for a bootcamp class with your friend, or dip your toes into the pool for a swim. This can be the gateway to a new form of movement and finding a new hobby for the warmer months.

Take a Lesson: Whether it is something old or new, lessons can be a great way to learn new skills and help to improve your overall fitness. Try signing up for a tennis, golf, or swim lesson with family, partners or friends. A great way to try a new activity or give an opportunity for an old hobby.

Spring is a great time to try new things, if you find something and decide it’s not right for you, move on to something else. Living actively is individualized and enjoyment is a crucial part of living an active lifestyle. Need help or assistance with physical activity? Come and see us at Kelowna Kinesiology or learn more at Here is help you Move Well, Be Well.


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