How to Stay Active in the Winter for Cyclist

The leaves are beginning to fall, the days are getting shorter, and the temperature is getting cooler, long gone are those glorious sunny days and here to stay are the cozy fall afternoons. As humans, we often shy away from change and take contentment in our daily routines. The transition between seasons can often be difficult on us not only physically but also mentally, especially if it accompanies a change in our day-to-day activities.

With fall at our doorstep, most cyclist are getting ready to put their bikes away for the winter months. It can be a gloomy time of year, not only in weather change but in the change of activities or lack there of. But don’t feel gloomy, a change in the weather can bring a new sense of joy and opportunities for improving our overall health and wellness. At Orthoquest, we see the importance of daily movement and understand that the transition from summer to winter can be difficult in a number of ways. In order to help you feel better prepared and to help you Move Well, Be Well, here are our 4 ways to stay active in the fall/winter for cyclists:

Winterize your bike:

Just because the seasons change doesn’t mean you can still get outside and ride your bike. However, in order to safely ride in the winter there are some changes you may have to make – you wouldn’t wear your bikini to the beach in the winter, neither should you ride your summer bike in the snow. Fall is a great time to begin winterizing your bike so you may continue to ride throughout the changing of seasons. We recommend reaching out to your local bike shop mechanic to see if your bike is suitable to ride in the winter months or what changes they would recommend making in order to do so. Once your bike is ready it is important to make sure you are too, investing in good reflective wear and lights for your bike is essential when riding in cooler temperatures and less daylight.

Take your workouts indoors:

The great thing about cycling is that it is adaptable and easy to take indoors. Whether you want to invest in a stationary spin bike or pick up a trainer to continue riding your road bike indoors, there are a number of exceptional online platforms that can allow you to keep riding, in the comfort (and warmth) of your own home. Netflix and spin anyone?

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Find new ways to move:

The fall is a wonderful time to explore and find new ways to move. While it may not replace the feeling of the wind blowing in your hair as you glide down a hill, it can be a great way to work on ameliorating any muscle imbalances or work on strengthening your core. Even professional athletes use their off season as a way to cross train and add some variety to their training regimes. Our online fitness classes are a great way to spice up your workout routine and try a variety of different classes that perhaps you never would have thought of doing.

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Rest and (Actively) Recover:

Cycling season, although it may feel short, can be intense on our body. Whether we commute day-to-day or grind our way up hills for fun, it can take a toll on our bodies. Taking some time in the fall to allow ourselves to rest and actively recover is a great way to heal any lingering injuries or chronic pains. Working one on one with a Kinesiologist or switching to lower impact workouts (such as walking or gentle yoga) can keep us moving while also encouraging a full recovery.

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Fall is here whether we are ready or not but we hope this article will help make the transition from summer to winter cycling a little easier and perhaps even spark some new ideas on how to keep moving on and off the bike.

Written by Shayla McLean, BHKin. – Footwear Manager


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