Shoes with A Rich History: Mephisto

In 1965, Martin Michaeli founded Mephisto with the sole intention and his deep rooted ambition to create the world’s best shoes. Fast forward to today, Mephisto is recognized all over the world as a leader in business and casual shoes.

Mephisto Building 1965

Growth came to the company in 2002 when Martin Mchaeli launched a new outdoor lifestyle band ‘All Rounder by Mephisto’ following the urban hiking trend which was immediately loved and adopted by young and old alike. Then in 2008, they launched ‘Sano’, fitness and wellness shoes.

Handmade Shoes by Mephisto

Combining traditions of master shoemakers and continuing to hand craft each shoe, Mephisto bridges the gap between old and new in the most comfortable way.

Photo: Mobils Pam.

All styles of shoes and sandals are manufactured with the best quality leathers and all-natural materials of the highest quality, such as cork and natural rubber. All leathers used by Mephisto are chemical free and do not contain hazardous materials to your health.

Photo: All Rounder Niro.

In addition, their well-known soft-air technology midsole is present in every shoe (and sandal) to help absorb shock while walking, protecting our joints.

Mephisto Vito Shoe

Photo: Mephisto Vito.


Mephisto creates incredible, hand crafted, orthotic friendly shoes that exceed not only in comfort but also in style. A staple in any shoe collection.


Written by Shayla McLean, B.H.K – Footwear Manager



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