True to the Trail: Oboz

A vision that began ten years ago in Bozeman, Montana now has roots around the world, here is a little bit about the story behind the brand Oboz.

There’s no place like home.

Bozeman, Montana. It’s where it all started. It’s what inspired the name. And it’s what motivates them to lace up daily and explore the 18 million acres of Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem that surrounds. A vast and breathtaking landscape of peaks, valleys and rivers just waiting to be explored on two feet.

Outside + Bozeman = Oboz.

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True To The Trail®

It’s the compass heading that guides everything Oboz does. From building great fitting footwear to how they give back to communities and the way they treat each other and our planet. It’s a mindset that grounds them in what’s most important – doing things the right way, having fun, and exploring our path in life. Because any other way, just wouldn’t be true to the trail.

280 hands touch every pair before you do.

The difference between good and great fitting footwear is the human touch. That’s why it takes 140 talented people to make each pair we sell. Sure it’s harder to hand-build footwear this way, but it’s the right way.

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Oboz Supply Chain.

Every hand that creates a pair of Oboz shoes belongs to someone in our global supply chain. In this context being true to the trail means an ongoing commitment to their welfare and wellbeing as members of the wider Oboz family and brand. They company works collaboratively to protect the rights, promote the ongoing development and positively impact the lives of all their employees so they can also live – true to the trail.

They cut premium material, not corners.

Tested in the lab and in the field Oboz materials are carefully selected from known suppliers and developed to spec. All their material suppliers are verified for environmental and social compliance by the full-time factory staff.

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Not only do they lead on the trails, but Oboz is a leader in sustainability in the footwear industry.

For every pair of Oboz sold, a tree is planted, “We love the outdoors. And the way we figure, the more trees, the more outdoors for us all to enjoy. It’s about as simple as that.” – Oboz Team. And to make sure nothing goes to waster, any shoes they don’t sell, the team donates to their partners at Project Sole and local non-profits to find feet in need.

Feel good knowing when you purchase a pair of Oboz you are also supporting an incredible vision. To browse our selection of Oboz Click Here!


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