Why Choose to MoveWell with Us

If your living room workouts are feeling a little stale by now, we have you covered: The best home workout programs can breathe some life into your workout routine, and even may introduce you to some new ways to exercise. I’m sure you’ve heard of our infamous MoveWell Subscription, our online fitness platform that offers online exercise classes, pre-recorded classes in the content library, wellness workshops, education series, and more. However, you may be wondering what sets us apart from other online fitness subscriptions and why you should choose to workout with us? Here are some reason why MoveWell is the right choice for you:

Variety of Classes:

Why commit to just one cycling, strength, or pilates membership when you can have it all in one? With our MoveWell Subscription we offer pilates, yoga, strength training, core, stretch, HIIT, Zumba, cycling, running, and more. The majority of these classes are online offered at a variety of times throughout the day, with some taking place in-person as well such as our cycling (RideQuest) and run group (RunQuest). There’s truly something for everyone with a mix of cardio, strength training, and recovery classes. Not to mention, hundreds of pre-recorded classes and videos in the content library if you can’t make the regular scheduled class times.

High-Quality Instructors:

All of our MoveWell instructors are Practicing Kinesiologists and human-movement specialists. They specialize in the understanding of the physiological, biomechanical, and dynamic principles of movement. They offer a variety of classes and are able to adapt and modify all workouts to accommodate individual needs. They make an effort to build a relationship with each client for a mutual understanding and trust through clear communication, despite the classes being online. Additionally, our instructors dedicate themselves to their own professional improvement. They seek to grow and learn, try new techniques and strive to become better educators for all our subscribers.

Wellness Workshops:

Each month, we offer a Wellness Workshop for all our subscribers and members of the community. These workshops are focused on topics that help to promote a healthy lifestyle. They offer useful information, tips, strategies and skills needed to change behaviours and make healthy choices. They are offered by professionals in the community and cover a variety of topics such as nutrition, pelvic floor health, sleep wellness, plantar fasciitis, ergonomics and many more. Best part? All proceeds from our Wellness Workshops go towards our “Quest for Kindness” campaign and are donated towards a local charity in need. All MoveWell Subscribers can join these workshops as a part of their monthly membership.

Our MoveWell Subscription is truly a mindful movement practice to support your well-being. Try it today and sign-up at movewellbewell.ca.

Written by Claire Peachey – Kinesiologist


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